Keep Steve Lowrie at Yeovil College for the sake of the students, college restaurant and the college itself.

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It is hard to put into words how incredible Steve actually is (and I'm not very good at this).

He is the most hardworking, inspirational, motivational and passionate person I have ever met. Not only does he care about our education, but our future careers, our lives and helps us through any obstacles we may come across along the way.

I am speaking here for all the students he has effected and future students. We can't let the college get rid of someone so valuable. For years he has put his heart and soul into the restaurant and students, he has created partnerships with the European Bartending School and Mark Hix Restaurants...for US! Everything he does is for US! Including participating in the planning and running of the Yeovil Beer Festival raising money for local charities and The Yeovil College Bursary fund.

I believe he recieved unfair treatment with no thought into how we would feel, whatever happened to student voice?? This is our voice right here, along with other things we have planned and if anyone wants to get involved then that would be greatly appreciated! He is just as passionate about us as we are passionate about him and we will not let this go lightly!

I could go on for days about why this man should stay and all the things he does/has done for us.

On a personal note, Steve has actually changed me as a person. 2 years ago I was a drop out, didn't care about myself or care about my future, to be honest I didn't care about anything. Now, I've just finished my Level 2 course with a Distinction, I live everyday like it's the last, I'm planning my future and I've realised how valuable college, qualifications, career and life really is. Steve is the light that I needed in my life and I can guarantee I'm not the first or the last to feel the same.



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