Keep specialist music and language teachers at Green Street Green Primary School

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Green Street Green Primary school has for many years had part-time specialist teachers for Music and Languages. I believe the children's education is enormously enriched by the opportunity to learn from enthusiastic experts and to enjoy activities such as choir, orchestra, song-writing club, rock band, physical theatre, concerts, and shows. This early valuable experience lays the foundation for exploration and appreciation of music in years to come. I also believe this depth and breadth of learning goes further than the individual child: with the ripple effect the benefits spread to family, friends, and beyond.

The school has just built a wonderful media centre, with music studio, practice rooms and library, and is well-known locally as a leading primary school in music, but sadly is currently considering a plan to dispense with specialist music and language teachers. I have heard there is also a proposal to dispense with the librarian who is paid for by the parents' association. These plans haven't yet been formally announced to parents so I apologise if I have misunderstood the situation in any way but I think it is an important issue that should be discussed. If you are involved with the school, directly or indirectly, currently or in the past, please sign the petition and say why you think we should keep the specialist teachers and then pass it on to others who might like to sign too. Thank you. Let's celebrate some of the things that make Green Street Green such a great school! 

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