Keep SOMA, TL and Treasure Island Together!

Keep SOMA, TL and Treasure Island Together!

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Why this petition matters

Started by SOMCAN SF

Every 10 years, after Census data is released, cities, counties, and states redraw district lines to align with population changes so that every district has an equal voice, equal resources, and equal representation. 

Where district lines are drawn on the map will have huge impacts on the distribution of community resources and representation in government. In this process, the SF City Charter calls for preventing the dilution and division of communities of interest, minorities, and established neighborhoods.

The Redistricting Task Force is proposing cutting off the Tenderloin and Treasure Island from SOMA and District 6, directly going against the calls of immigrant, low-income, working class, LGBTQ, and communities of color. The proposed map makes D6 to be the only concentration of offices and luxury housing, dismissing the voices of African American, Arab, Asian, Filipino, Latinx, Southeast Asians LGBTQ communities who have been writing, calling and testifying. This proposal empowers more affluent neighborhoods and their political interests. No one from the public has called for the Tenderloin to be moved to District 5, yet the Task Force voted to do just that.

Immigrants, displaced, people of color and working class communities of Tenderloin and the South of Market have borne the brunt of gentrification and displacement in the last ten years and the Task Force map only fortifies. 

The attempt to remove the Tenderloin and Treasure Island from District 6 calls into question the entire Task Force process of public input. If the Task Force is ignoring the public’s own testimony, then what is actually driving the decision making process? There must be transparency. The changes that the Task Force will make are going to directly impact and affect the lives of communities across San Francisco for the next ten years.

We demand that the:

- Task Force listens to marginalized communities and those across the city who have been saying that historical, cultural, and working-class communities must be kept intact.

- Task Force not split the Tenderloin and Treasure Island from the South of Market, including the areas of SOMA Pilipinas Filipino Cultural Heritage District, the Transgender District, and the Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District. Filipino, African American, Arab, Latinx, and LGBTQ communities span both the Tenderloin, Treasure Island and SOMA have a shared history and culture. Dividing them would go against the purposes of the Task Force in keeping communities together.

Keep the TL, Western and Central SOMA, the 3 Cultural Districts, and Treasure Island whole in District 6! 

33 have signed. Let’s get to 50!