Petition Closed

       Shady Oaks Park features 2 Basketball court, exercise course, 2 playgrounds and a trail head/bridge connected to coyote trail. There are already 2 parks within a 5-10 minute drive of Shady Oaks that offer a facility to play softball. One is Great Oaks Park (distance 1.8 miles) which has an unlighted field and Solari Park (distance 3.1 miles ) with a lighted field. Since there are existing parks in close proximity that offers those interested in softball a space to play, please vote to keep Shady Parks as is. 
       The park has beautiful old trees and a natural setting that is unique in our urban landscape. During the spring, the adjacent field blooms with bright yellow followers that makes it a popular site for family portraits and couples getting photographed for their Wedding. The park is very popular among residents in the neighborhood and those who live in the bay area because of existing natural features, which may be minimized due to the development of a softball complex. 

Letter to
San Jose Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Services
Remove Shady Oaks Park as a potential site to develop a softball complex