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New Yorkers don't need another elected official with questionable ethics and behavior that shows disrespect for women, their families and loved ones. Mr. Lopez has resigned his office under a cloud, he need not bring that cloud to City Hall.

Letter to
Chair, City Council Committee on Standards & Ethics, Asst. Depty Majority Leader Inez E. Dickens
Chair, City Council Committee on Rules, Privileges and Elections Joel Rivera
New York City Council Speaker - Democratic Candidate for Mayor Christine Quinn (New York City Council Speaker - Democratic Candidate for Mayor)
Keep Vito Lopez out of the City Council:
Assemblyman Vito Lopez resigned from the NYS Assembly under threat of expulsion based on an Ethics Committee investigation authenticating repeated incidents of sexual harassment of female staff who worked for him. The report cites multiple incidents of groping, inappropriate sexual advances and threats of retaliation if the woman refused to comply.
In the face of these allegations Assemblyman Lopez has expressed no remorse or accountability, insisting he's done nothing 'criminal' deserving of investigation and punishment.
Mr. Lopez, resigning under pressure has indicated his intent to run for a seat on the New York City Council. New Yorkers deserve to have elected officials who demonstrate the highest respect for women and the rule of law, Mr. Lopez has shown neither. After almost 30 years in elected office, Mr. Lopez has worn out his welcome. It's time for him to retire permanently. Keep Vito Lopez out of the City Council.

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