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Sex offenders in the UK are able since 2012 to appeal to have their names taken off of the Sex Offenders register. Sex offences are horrific and the victims lives will never be the same after a sexual offence. Sex offenders should stay on the register for life, once they have committed that crime they will always have made a sexual offence, a sex offender should not be given a second chance when the victims and their loved ones have to live with what a sex offender has done for the rest of their lives.  A SEX OFFENDER IS A SEX OFFENDER FOR LIFE! Victims are having to go through the process again of what happened to them and re-live it to stop their attacker from getting their name taken off of the register. A sex offender will always pose a risk to the general public as well as their victims.

On 30th of July 2012 a mechanism was brought into legislation that under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Remedial) Order 2012 sex offenders could appeal to have their names taken off of the sex offenders register, this was brought in because of the human rights of the offender, the offender should not have this right as they took away the human rights of their victim when they made their attack/offence. 

Names of sex offenders are also being taken off of the register due to mental health problems such as Dementia/Alzheimer's etc. This should not be allowed as they have committed the crime, regardless of illnesses they can still pose a risk of further sexual offences.



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