keep schools virtually learning

While I believe virtual schooling isn't the solution: due to issues such as wealth gap, poverty, and learning disabilities. I do NOT believe that the US in any part is ready for anyone to go back to school in person.

I believe the government should come to a consensus on this and work on ways in which children can learn effectively and at the same level as their peers without endangering their health, or that of the teachers and faculty. If that means more money has to be spent to aid these programs, to ensure all families with school age children have wifi, to ensure that these programs are tailored by professionals for each individual learner then so be it. However, we cannot send any child or individual back to a place that will lead to certain death and health complications.

Unless America is telling it's citizens it still lacks a moral compass, and will never care about them.

Ty Watkins, Groves, TX, United States
1 year ago
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