Keep schools closed for 2020 for students mental and physical health

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As we all know our society is in the grips of an epidemic that the world was not prepared for  and now students are expected to go to school which is an already stressful place. 

 Our society is saturated with the possibility of illness and death, students can't be expected to be put in an environment that risks their health or lives furthermore students are going to be cramming copious amounts of work which will affect students grades and mental health. 

Therefore school should be canceled for the rest of 2020 so that we can make dealing with the epidemic our first priority and help take the stress off students and educators. 

Please as a grade 12 student this is an especially hard time for me personally I can't cope with school, family being ill and lack of funds for food and I know I'm not alone so I'm begging for this as a solution as school is my biggest stresser right now. 


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