Keep Savannah Hills Neighborhood from becoming over populated with a new subdivision

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Please join me along with others in our neighborhood to STOP Goodwin Properties from rezoning the property and building a large subdivision in our backyard by signing this petition.

Goodwin Southern Properties has purchased acreage that runs from Kittrell Lane to Savannah Hills Drive in Ooltewah, TN. They have requested that property be rezoned under case #2017-038 from R2A to R1. There is a hearing on Monday, March 13, 2017 at 1:00 pm at the Hamilton County Courthouse in the County Commission Room to approve or deny this request for this property to be rezoned.

If this rezoning is approved, Goodwin Southern Properties plans on building 46 new homes in our back yard (as illustrated in the picture above). As many of you are aware, the property he purchased was around 20 +/- acres total. If he is allowed to get the rezoning and build these houses our quiet, peaceful, loving neighborhood will be forever changed and destroyed.

My family has owned many houses on Savannah Hills Drive over the past 40 years and I have always loved this area. It has always been such a quiet, peaceful, family oriented neighborhood. We don't have a lot of traffic in our neighborhood and that allows us all to be able to walk on this road, walk our dogs down the road, and let our kids ride their bikes in our nice, peaceful neighborhood. We can walk to the community lot to fish or swim and life is good in our neighborhood.

I believe that most people, like my family, purchased a home in our neighborhood to get away from subdivisions-to get away from large developments. We all want a quiet, respectful, peaceful small neighborhood and that is why we chose to buy a home in this area. It is not fair for us to lose what we have worked so hard for just so he can build 46 houses on that property and then walk away. He doesn't have to live here with all those new people. He can build them, sell them and walk away. We will gain NOTHING if these houses are built and we will lose life as we know it if he is allowed to build these homes. We DO NOT need another subdivision in our neighborhood!

If he is allowed to build the projected 46 new homes, that will add at least an additional 100 new people to our neighborhood. That is also at least another 100 new vehicles driving down our small roads--the same roads we now walk along. That is also an additional 100 new people using the community lot area. All these new houses and new people will bring lots of noise, pollution and will completely ruin our neighborhood and the tranquility we currently have in the Savannah Hills neighborhood. All of the wildlife that lives in those woods will be displaced and forced into our yards. It will be a concrete nightmare and will cause massive water runoff that everyone will have to endure. People will be walking through your yard to get to the lake. It will be a complete disaster for existing homeowners in this neighborhood.

Please sign our petition to stop the rezoning and future subdivision development. All signatures and this petition will be presented at the meeting on March 13th so please sign up!


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