Keep Rav Ronen Abitbol in Montreal

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To the Montreal Jewish Community

In an effort to show our gratitude and support for Rav Ronen Abitbol Shalit''a, we have initiated this petition. On a daily basis the Rav devotes his time and efforts into the growth of our large and beautiful community. The Rav's role in Montreal is instrumental and irreplaceable as we all know it. Rav Ronen Shalit''a has had a tremendous impact on each and every one of us , whether it be by his shiurim, community engagements, Whatsapp halacha group available 24 hours a day, his individual involvement for our personal issues and how can we forget his guide for Pessah! Rav Ronen is ALWAYS available to answer questions on his group , regardless of their sephardic or ashkenazic background and nature of our questions. The goal of this "petition" is to show our support and love for the Rav and all he does for us. Please sign and show your support by making all of your close ones do the same.