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Keep Public Transportation Funding As Is

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The United States House of Representatives has proposed cutting funding for Public Transportation by one third as of March 2012.  The proposed decreased in funding by The United States House of Representatives will cripple the Public Transportation Systems used by many across the United States.  These systems are typically used by persons with disabilities and low income as transportation for employment, education, shopping and medical appointments.  

If the proposed cutbacks are put in place people who use public transportation throughout the nation will face overcrowding due to less routes, increased fairs, and less hours of service causing a significant detrimental impact on people’s lives.  

Possible long term impacts due to the proposed budget include:

620,000 Public Transit Employees
 will loose their jobs nation wide.

Many will loose jobs as their only source of transportation will not be able to get them to or from work further increasing the unemployment rate and dependency on government aid.

Many with disabilities that rely on Public Transit as their only means of transportation will loose much of the independence they have in the community.

The economy will be significantly harmed
 due to significant job losses and more difficulty in getting to stores, restaurants, and other places of business.

We ask that the United States House of Representatives keep the funding for Public Transportation in place as is.  We feel that cutting back on Public Transportation will actually cost tax payers more in the long run due to increased unemployment, less ability to access businesses and make it more difficult for those already unemployed to find a job.  



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