Keep PokeDroid and Other Applications Like It!

When I was in elementary school I got a game boy color for my birthday, and with it my very first game: the Pokemon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition! From then on I loved the Pokemon games! I even purchased the official game guides! Sadly, at least in their German version, there were a lot of mistakes, that I just couldn't forgive! Not to mention that they all started to fall apart after a while due to my excessive usage.

With the IV generation of games I started to feel lost in the large new varieties of Pokemon. I didn't feel like i knew enough about the Pokemon in order to train them right and truly enjoy the game.
However, since the paper-based original guides have been such a disappointment to me and are also times of mobile devices very unhandy to use in times of mobile devices, I relied more and more on online guides and apps. Their development helped me to find my love for the games again! Without apps like 'Pokedroid' I would not want to play the games anymore!
I am sad that instead of giving great developers, such as Nolan, more credit for their FREE fan work, Nintendo prefers to erase their work and leave a gap, that is a huge disadvantage for me and other fans!
I don't think I will continue the Pokemon games if I can't just look up Pokemon quickly and easily on my android device anymore, in order to get the best out of the game.

Please do your fans the favor and work together with developers of apps like 'Pokedroid' instead of forcing them to put down their work and leaving a gap behind!

Kathrin Gretemeier, Schenefeld, Germany
9 years ago
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