Govenors-Superintendents-BOARD of EDUCATION-Districts- Nationwide: Keep P​.​E. in Schools!

Govenors-Superintendents-BOARD of EDUCATION-Districts- Nationwide: Keep P​.​E. in Schools!

August 26, 2023
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Why this petition matters

Started by Danielle Bloom

Hi there!  This is Danielle Bloom from Danielle Bloom Fit. I wanted to bring to your attention an important issue that has recently gained traction - the movement to remove physical education (P.E.) from public schools Nationwide.  What happened to P.E.? It's losing ground in our push for academic improvement.

Undoubtedly, this would negatively impact our young people's health and future success.  The Benefits of P.E.

P.E. plays a vital role in their overall education. It promotes physical fitness and fosters social interaction, teamwork, discipline, and mental well-being.

According to "The National Institute of Health," 1 in 5 children and adolescents are obese- Childhood Obesity

A study showed students who engaged in physical activity improved their academic achievement by 6%--Can Exercise make you smarter?

Research consistently shows that regular physical activity positively impacts students' academic performance and classroom behavior. By participating in P.E., students have an opportunity to improve their cognitive abilities, concentration levels, and overall health. In addition, P.E. helps instill lifelong habits of active living that can prevent chronic diseases later in life.

Want to get an "A"? Exercise an hour a day!

Why does physical inactivity drain human brain power?   

Parents and educators hold a crucial role in shaping the health habits of our children. They can make a tremendous difference in their well-being by actively promoting exercise and setting positive examples.

The ADHD Exercise solution

Instilling good exercise habits early on is key to ensuring a lifetime of healthy choices for our kids. Encouraging them to engage in physical activities improves their fitness levels, boosts their cognitive abilities, enhances concentration, and promotes emotional well-being.

Exercising early in life may help promote a healthy brain and metabolism.

Exercise makes kids' brains more efficient. 

The Benefits of Exercise in the Classroom - Effects of Exercise on Learning and Education

As we all know, delayed action can have far-reaching consequences, setting a dangerous precedent for future generations. It normalizes inaction and indifference toward their health and conveys that their struggles are inconsequential and their self-esteem is undermined. This creates an environment where future issues may go unnoticed or unaddressed until too late.

My suggestion is to increase the frequency of PE classes from the current schedule to three days a week. By providing regular weekly PE activities, we can ensure that students have ample opportunities to engage in physical exercise, regardless of their interest or skill level in sports. This will contribute towards promoting health and well-being amongst all students.

Additionally, I would like to propose the inclusion of nutrition education within the curriculum. Many children today are exposed to fast food and unhealthy eating habits that can have long-term consequences on their health. Teaching them about proper nutrition and making informed choices regarding their diet can equip them with valuable skills for a healthier lifestyle.

As a community, we must advocate for sustained funding and resources for PE programs. By doing so, we can ensure that all students have equal opportunities to engage in physical activities that contribute to their holistic development.

I urge you to consider the gravity of this situation.  Let us act now for our young people's future success, happiness, and overall quality of life.

Join me now and sign this petition.  Together, we can make a difference.









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Signatures: 262Next Goal: 500
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