Keep Pet Pal Animal Shelter Non-Profit and keep Scott Daly as Director

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Two board members (Julie Henley, Gary Wilbur) and one who has not officially resigned yet via Tallahassee (Natalie Conner) of Pet Pal Animal Shelter in St. Petersburg, FL want to turn this wonderful no-kill, non-profit shelter into a money-making $helter AND oust Executive Director, Scott Daly, which will be terrible for the shelter animals in the area! They have already removed him from the Board! We MUST support Scott Daly and to keep the shelter's mission for what it was originally intended - FOR the animals and not FOR money to line the pockets of the board members. Once the shelter changes course under the direction of these two board members, the animals will be the losers in this sad situation. Anyone who knows Pet Pal knows that Scott Daly has poured his heart and soul into this shelter for many years and we cannot let this happen. The board members in question have lots of money and influence, but we have the community! Please support us!

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If you would like to email the current board of directors of Pet Pal, here are their addresses. Remember, only Julie and Gary (and Natalie until her resignation is official) are trying to change the way Pet Pal operates. Although this is an emotional issue, we do not condone anyone emailing threats, using foul language, etc., that will only hinder our efforts. Please be courteous. Thank you.

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