Decision Maker Response

Adam Price’s response

Dec 11, 2019 — Dear petitioner,

Thank you for your petition submitted via to keep the NHS out of trade deals.

Plaid Cymru wholeheartedly agrees with you. The NHS should never be on the table in any trade deal with the US or any other country. It is not for sale.

Our precious NHS and its hardworking staff are struggling. After almost a decade of Tory cuts in Westminster, and 20 years of Labour mismanagement in Cardiff Bay, the NHS is creaking.

That’s why Plaid Cymru has set out a plan to recruit 5,000 new nurses, 1,000 new doctors, and 100 new dentists for the Welsh NHS. We have also set out a plan to create a new and seamless National Health and Care Service so that everyone in Wales has access to the health and care services they need, when they need them, for free.

We also believe that the Senedd – Wales’ democratically-elected parliament – should be given the right to agree or veto any trade deals that affect devolved areas such as health. It cannot be right that the UK Government can sign away the Welsh NHS to Donald Trump and our Senedd has no say in the matter.

Thank you for your service and for your hard work to protect our NHS. Plaid Cymru stands with you.

Adam Price AM, Leader of Plaid Cymru