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Keep Our Legislature Focused on The Real Priorities in Indiana

In Indiana, our state's economy, education system, transportation infrastructure, and unemployment rate have been greatly lacking and need support.  In a time when our economy needs attention to fix the problems within Indiana, our legislature is taking on social issues and taking actions that will lower wages or eliminate jobs.

It is time for the Indiana State Legislature to do what it has been elected to do!  It is time to focus on passing laws that will turn our economy in the right direction, create a stronger and more comprehensive system of education for Indiana students, and it is time to stop wasting time on things such as banning gay marriage (already not legal) in our state's constitution.

Letter to
Indiana State House
Indiana State Senate
Indiana Governor
As residents and concerned citizens of Indiana, we want you to focus your efforts in the legislature on the issues that matter most to Hoosiers. These are creating jobs, strengthening our economy, and further supporting and crafting legislation that will lead to improving our system of public education.

We are very concerned that many of your recent efforts have led to attempts to ban gay marriages (which are already not legal), eliminate collective bargaining rights, and taking measures that will harm teachers and students alike within our public schools.

We ask that you quit focusing on legislating discrimination and focus on making our state a better place in which to live and work. We want Hoosier Hospitality to apply to those who visit our great state as well as those who live within our borders. Indiana will only be as successful as the talent we bring into and keep within our state through opportunities for quality education and through creating a highly-competitive job market.

Our votes and our trust are in you to do what is necessary to continue making Indiana a place where opportunities are plentiful and where all people and families are free to reach for and achieve their goals.

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