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Keep Our Kids Safe - Uintah Elementary

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Since 2013, there have been over 200 school shootings in America- an average of nearly one a week. Regardless of one’s political views, one thing has become clear: we must KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE! We all agree that our students deserve schools that are safe for learning and growing. Now, too many children and families are afraid, and our teachers alone cannot protect them. Our communities have to speak up loudly for our children!

One major concern about the safety at Uintah Elementary is the lack of visibility the front office has to visitors coming through the front doors. Although parents are aware all but one door is locked, it has come to our attention that without office staff staying glued to the live video feed on the front doors they may not be aware of visitors entering the school. There is ZERO visibility from the office to the outsiders entering.

This petition asks for secure vestibules — where visitors encounter locked doors and have to either enter the main office, or office workers can scrutinize a visitor before they unlock the doors to the main building. Or at the very least restructure the office in a way that the lobby and front doors are always visible to the office workers. Visitors to the schools should always have to identify themselves and their reasoning for visiting but without proper visibility, often times visitors just enter the building and go down the halls without the office ever knowing of their presence.

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in 2012, many school divisions across the country took steps to secure buildings in the hopes of preventing another such shooting. It is imperative that the school office is aware of every visitor that enters the building and they are currently set up to fail at this task.

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