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For the pass seven months I have been fighting to stop the deportation of the father of my daughter and the man that I love.  When I first met Ali, my daughter and I were sleeping in a two-seater truck and unsure of where our future would lead. We escaped my physically and verbally abusive ex-husband, but had no money and no where to go for help. When Ali learned of my situation he took us in without hesitation. He was not rich or even doing well financially, but he would not take no for an answer. Living with him I learned that not all men are here to use you, beat you down and destroy you. He is the first man in my life that has ever shown me true love, kindness, and generousity.

He did not have it easy, he had a lot on his plate when he decided to take on my daughter and I. I fell in love with his heart and soul. Today, I find myself fighting for him and not giving in.

Ali is a hard worker and dedicated family man. God certainly sent me an angel that day when he took us in. Being young and foolish he made mistakes and got himself into some trouble. He spent one night in jail and was given probation. He turned his life around and cut ties with the people who misguided him.  Around the same time I found out that I was pregnant. Ali was over joyed at becoming a father again. He worked numerous low paying jobs, we moved into a hotel, because we could no longer afford an apartment. He stayed on the honest path and completely changed his life.

In June of 2012 ICE banged on the door of our hotel room. By this time I had given birth to our daughter and she was just four months old. Ali was taken away and I have been fighting for the man that I love and the father of my child ever since. I'm pleading with anyone and everyone to sign our petition and stop the deportation process. I am also asking for Ali to be pardoned so that he can stay in the US with his children where they need him.

As I have been fighting to keep my family in together here in the US. I have been called a drug dealer and other deplorable things by the very people I went to for help. They were more than happy to take what ever little money I had and in exchange told me lies and did nothing to help us.

Ali and I have been fighting on our own to have his charges vacated so that he can be set free to be with his family here in the US. As our daughter's first birthday comes near, I am doing everything in my power to bring her father home so that she can have him in her life always.



Letter to
President Barack Obama
U.S. House of Representatives
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Florida State House
Florida State Senate
President of the United States
Florida Governor
Dear President Obama,
I am outraged by the discrimination and injustice shown by ICE against my fiancé Ali Said, his Alien number is 088957915. He came her legally about eight years ago, through a Disney program, he obtain his U.S. Resident Card, and was married for five years. He has a son from his previous marriage and we have a daughter together.
On March 12th 2013 ICE officers told him that since there were no open cases against him that he is being deported. However, they had a difficulty deporting him, but lied and said he came into the country illegally and was deported based on that. They immediately put him on a plane to New York, then put him on a plane to Casablanca, Morocco. In the process what ever paper work he had proving his case and his identification was taken from him by a member of the flight crew. He never signed any papers to be deported and he showed up in Morocco with no paperwork. Immigration in Morocco interrogated him because they were under the impression that he left the country illegally. However we have all of the proof that he did not. It was very hard for them to believe him because , they could not understand how the U.S. Immigration would claim to deport someone and send him with no deportation papers. To them he just got on a plane and flew back to Morocco.
Mr. President I have been crying for help for a long time. I am pleading with you to please help. This is not right. Some of these ICE officers are obviously bullies and enjoy abusing their power. I asking that a wrong be made right, and Ali Said be returned to the U.S. and released to be with his family here. This is what I am fighting for and I will not stop until justice is served.