Keep our community safe - NO to Stonewall Reserve as designed


Keep our community safe - NO to Stonewall Reserve as designed

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The Village of Grafton is proposing to annex and rezone 84+ acres of Town of Cedarburg land (existing Kohlwey Farm at the Northeast corner of STH60 and Keup Road) for a planned residential development – Stonewall Reserve.  Well planned residential developments support vibrant growth within our community.  However, this development will actually create significant adverse effects that far outweigh any benefits.

The purpose of this petition is to express opposition to the Village of Grafton’s intent to approve the annexation and rezoning as part of the Stonewall Reserve development in its current form. 

What is being proposed?  The Kohlwey Family Trust is requesting to annex their 84+ acre farm from the Town of Cedarburg to the Village of Grafton.   Further, they are requesting to rezone this property from A3-Agriculture Holding District to R-2 Single Family Residential, R-4 Duplex/Condominium, and RE-Rural Estate Single Family Residential Zoning Districts. 

Why is this being proposed?  Homes by Town is planning to build a major residential development on this property called Stonewall Reserve.  This neighborhood will wedge 91 single family and 25 duplex homes into this property with a single entry point via Keup Road at STH60.

Why is this wrong for the Village of Grafton and surrounding communities?

1.   A single entry / exit access to the neighborhood will create additional traffic and safety issues at an already congested area in our community.  In fact, the same developer is building a smaller neighborhood just south of the same intersection on Keup Road with two access points.  Why would it seem logical to funnel more traffic through a single access point?  The STH60 corridor at Keup Road is congested today even without this development which adds 141 additional households to this single busy STH60 intersection.  Furthermore, two residents on Keup Road north of STH60 will be unable to exit their own driveways due to the volume of traffic waiting at the single traffic signal at this intersection.  Let’s work on a smart, integrated solution that benefits the current and future homeowners.    

2.   The Preliminary Housing Plat is overly dense.  91 single family and 25 duplex lots are too much for this 84+ acre parcel.  That is common sense, but this plan also violates the Village of Grafton Development Code Title 18.   There are no sidewalks for the future families in this development.  There are no common areas for pets or children requiring them to cross STH60 to closest park and schools.  Additionally, existing wetlands are encroached upon to allow for these additional housing lots.  “Quality Life.  Naturally” is the motto of the Village.  Let’s hold our elected Village Board officials accountable to abide by this credo.  Reference the link below to view the preliminary plat.

3.   The current plat, as shown above, violates Section 18.20.020 of the Village of Grafton Development Code.  Specifically, this Section specifies, “The streets shall be designed and located in relation to existing and planned streets, to provide a reasonable circulation of traffic within the subdivision and adjoining lands, to runoff of storm water, to public convenience and safety…”  The Wisconsin DOT met with the Developer and Village staff members on November 14, 2017.  The DOT advised they WOULD consider another access point, but the Developer chose not to propose this option.  We should not let the Developer’s greed dominate public safety.  This intersection is already a major intersection for pedestrians, families on bicycles and motorists.  The estimated 6 fold increase in vehicle traffic is both unsafe and unwise…even before considering the daily foot traffic from 141 extra families crossing this major highway intersection.

4.   The developer is planning to tap into the Grafton water and sewer infrastructure and trigger additional civil capital burdens on local Grafton taxpayers while sending the school students and their per pupil funding to Cedarburg Schools.  The taxpayers in Grafton recently approved a $30M+ bond issue to invest in our schools.  It is only logical that the students should attend Grafton Schools to improve the return on that investment.  Let’s work collaboratively on a solution that achieves this objective.

5.   This opposition isn’t isolated to nearby residents. Similar to the disagreement by the Town of Grafton to the commercial development east of I-43, the Town of Cedarburg documented their serious concern and opposition to this latest Stonewall Reserve development.  Please reference the link below to review the letter submitted by Town Chairman David Salvaggio:

If there is so much opposition, why don’t the elected officials of the Grafton Village Board to include Chairman Brunnquell listen to these concerns and alter the course of this project?

There is an overwhelming consensus within the community that this development in its current form is bad for the community.  Below is evidence to support this statement:

·        Comments from February 27th Village of Grafton Planning Commission Meeting

 ·        Letter of concern from Cedarton Estates residents

·        Letter of concern to the Village Board from impacted resident


THEREFORE, WE, the undersigned VILLAGE OF GRAFTON TAX PAYERS, strongly oppose the annexation and rezoning of the Kohlwey Farm.

SPECIAL NOTE:  You must be a VILLAGE (not TOWN) of Grafton taxpayer to sign this petition, and MUST enter your property address after your LAST NAME (example - SMITH: 123 North Street) to confirm that information. 

If you are a TOWN OF GRAFTON taxpayer, go here to sign the Town of Grafton Residents’ Petition:

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This petition made change with 383 supporters!

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