Keep Kids Off Rocky Flats

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Keep Kids Off Rocky Flats is a project of the Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center / Rocky Flats Nuclear Guardianship. We hope to ensure the safety of all children for years to come by keeping them off the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge.

The refuge, which surrounds an active Superfund cleanup site and former nuclear weapons facility, is not safe from the radioactive hazards of plutonium; those particles are subject to the disturbances of wind, rain, and burrowing animals. Scientific evidence has shown that tiny plutonium particles can be brought to the surface and released into the air, where they can be readily inhaled by anyone nearby.

Children are our most vulnerable citizens - and they will live long enough to die of cancer if exposed to the multitude of carcinogens on site. Bottom line: land adjacent to a Superfund site is no place for children to play!

We believe that your decisions and our actions must be based on the Precautionary Principle - the stance of the Science and Environmental Health Network - which believes that in the face of the kind of uncertainty evident at Rocky Flats, we must err if at all on the side of caution.

Keep Kids Off Rocky Flats strives to ensure the safety of all children by preventing their ever stepping foot on the wildlife refuge.

We do not want school field trips, scout troops, or families to take children there, and we hope you will support our efforts to protect Colorado's youngest citizens.

This petition seeks written assurance from Colorado schools that children will not be taken to Rocky Flats for any type of school-related event. We thank the Boulder Valley School District for unanimously passing a resolution on March 14, 2017, to prohibit BVSD student field trips to the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, and look forward to the same commitment from other local school districts.