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Keep Oreo's Memory Alive And All Other Animals That Have Lost Their Lives Due To Greed

I am wanting help to get a law started in the US congress that would make it a crime for any vet to refuse to render care to a domestic pet on the basis of the owner being able to render immediate payment. I am asking for help to make sure my little cat didn't lose his life in vain to this degree of negligence. He was injured and when I called the emergency clinic, the only available place, and they refused to help because I was unable to cough up $90 up front. I ended up having to appeal to my local SPCA for help to effectively force them to do the right thing but by then 30 minutes had passed before I was able to obtain help but by then it was too late for my cat to be saved. If the clinic had done the right thing when they should have, my cat would probably still be alive. My goal is to get a law passed in Oreo's memory to make this negligent behavior the crime that it should be!

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