Keep Mr. Moussa as Principal of Horizon Leadership Academy

Keep Mr. Moussa as Principal of Horizon Leadership Academy

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At best, this letter will help keep Mr. Moussa as principal of the school we all love. At worst, this letter serves as our farewell letter to our most cherished principal, Mr. Moussa Ouarou. 

It is with shock and dismay to hear that Mr. Moussa is leaving Horizon Leadership Academy (HLA). Mr. Moussa was the best principal HLA has had so far - he's responsive to parents, authentically engages with our kids, develops positive relationships with the school's neighbours, and has deep experience that he's been drawing on to solidify the academic, civil, and spiritual foundations of HLA. 

From our understanding, Mr. Moussa is leaving due to top down pressure and micromanagement from Horizon Society in how the school is run and what educational model to follow. While disagreements and discussions are healthy and much needed, this shouldn't come at a cost of losing a talented individual such as Mr. Moussa. 

The board members of Horizon Society hired Mr. Moussa. They chose him, and made a wise choice, 3 years ago, to hire Mr. Moussa as our principal. They should now, with constructive engagement and feedback, let him run the school how he sees fit. He is the principal after all, though accountable he is and should be to Horizon parents, students, Palliser, and Society. 

What is unfortunate is parents seem to have no say in what educational model the school should follow. Horizon Society did invite parents in a constructive webinar on Dec. 13, led by Dr. Adam Browning of Palliser. Dr. Browning's advice was clear - the best school model is the one that has the most buy-in from the principal and teachers working at the schoolNo school model can be enforced in an authoritarian top down approach. The principal, as the person hired for the job in the trenches with students and teachers, should have the final call on how the school is run. 

We are not interested in marketing slogans. We are neither interested in "Ivy league education", "Leadership", nor "Imaginal". What we are interested in are the basics - a strong welcoming community of students and teachers, a solid academic foundation, Islamic values that permeate the school culture, and a culture of constant iterative improvement. Mr. Moussa is the person to deliver on all of this. 

Horizon Society has done a fabulous job bringing the school to where it is today. They have found a great building to host the school long-term. They have hired Mr. Moussa as the principal. They have brought a wonderful group of parents, students, and teachers together to form a warm and vibrant community. Thank you for all your past and future efforts. May Allah reward you. Now don't hinder these efforts by letting a talented person like Mr. Moussa go. We need Mr. Moussa to lead the school in the way he feels will work best. 

We have already gone through 3 different principals over the last 6 years. Principal turnover is generally unhealthy, especially when it is a good principal. Many parents and students have developed a great relationship with Mr. Moussa, and we do not want to start from scratch again with someone new and unknown. 

Horizon Society board members: the parents of HLA plead with you to set any differences aside, and work with Mr. Moussa and the Palliser board for the good of our kids and the community.  

Unfortunately, many parents are now considering pulling their kids out, and we do not want parents and kids to go through such a difficult decision and transition. 

Thank you and Ramadan Mubarak! 

75 have signed. Let’s get to 100!