Keep Mothers With Children - For Love and a Full Life

Keep Mothers With Children - For Love and a Full Life

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Started by Haili Williams

A single mother of faith, working hard to get her 1 year old son back after him being taken away by the courts when he was just 5 months old. It has been 1 year since the separation and I have no custody, nor are they saying I have any rights or say as his mother.

It was a traumatic moment to have been taken against my will. The night it all happened was a late one and I was with my son and his father, in a state I didn't know and knew no one.

I only wanted to protect my son and get him out of an unsafe situation. So, I called the cops for help. They put me in baker act (a Florida law that allows cops to assess if someone is mentally unstable, not thinking straight in some way and take them in handcuffs over to a mental facility). 

It took me speaking of the truth about my faith, God, feeling unsafe at the place we were at, and the problems we were going through for the cop to take my words and actions as danger toward my son, yet I have never harmed my son or anyone.

Zero violence and no threats were shown to have been taken away from my child. 

Through it all, I am still doing what the courts are asking. I'm in therapy from this traumatic event and the pain of being away from my son. I do not have the money to afford an attorney again and legal aid cannot take my case. So I'm doing all I can with the resources I have. 

The Tazewell Circuit Court in Illinois has not heard my side of the case and had granted my child's father permission to go ahead and get a restraining order (90 days only, thank God) and now it is supervised visits. 

I have been patient and working with all of this but honestly dislike how any court system can continue to keep a parent (in this case, mother) from their 5 month, now 1 year old, innocent child. 

It is important for a child to have both parents in their lives.

For a mother to have gone through: physically being removed, separated, and now kept from a child, for no good reason but one night of seeming unstable mentally is NOT just or right by any means. 

Currently once a week FaceTime is the only time I get with my son.

I feel like I have no rights yet I carried my baby for 9 months and nursed and cared for him for his first 5 months of life.

All a mom could want is for her child to be raised with love, to have an intimate relationship and grow strong with the family. It is also a blessing and good for a Child to be with both parents for their development as a child and for later years.

I greatly hope and pray my son and I will be a unit and reunited permanently one day, as I continue to fight for him and his life. 

Please help me and my son to be a family again. With your support and compassion, you can help bring justice to the court system and to my personal cause. Thank you!  

43 have signed. Let’s get to 50!