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GM foods are not properly tested. No long-term tests have been done. WE are the long-term tests. But so far, in independent studies, GM foods have been found to give rats cancer and creates impotence in cows that are fed GM corn. GM farming leaches the earth through harsh chemicals and pesticides (and god knows what it may do to us). It is not the saviour of humanity as Monsanto likes to claim, but it could be it's destroyer if Monsanto continue to spread its GM seed crops across the world. We need to keep them away from our farms. Mother Nature is far more clever than the gene-splicing scientists. Leave her alone. Or even better, lets work with her. This is the only way to a healthier planet.

Letter to
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Senator Joe Ludwig
Dear Senator Ludwig,

Please do not allow Monsanto to take over Australia's farming industry. Monsanto uses GM seeds which are as yet inadequately tested on humans, and independent studies of GM foods have shown rats to get various cancers. Also cows fed GM corn have developed infertility. These are key indicators to show that more independent testing needs to be done before GM crops are allowed into human food. Monsanto also likes to keep the labelling of GM foods secret, so that consumers will not know when they are eating GM products. This is wrong. Please make them label any food that is genetically modified. Also GM crops take over organic crops and independent farming. The pesticides used in GM farming do far greater damage to soil and degrade the earth. Please do what you can to keep Monsanto out of Australia. This is not about money, this is about the future of our country, and of our Planet. There are many reasons to keep Monsanto and GM food away from our beautiful country. Please do whatever you can to make this happen.

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