Keep Mission Beach Special - abandon plans to build an intrusive artificial rock island

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With your help the Minister has abandoned plans for the ugly overtopping breakwater at Clump Point, Mission Beach.

But now the Minister for State Development, the Hon Dr Lynham MP has decided to transfer the whole of the development including a 120 metre rock wall to the unique basalt headland of Clump Point.

A brand new process is underway to come up with a new design with the  Qld Government under pressure from those who want a marina at Mission Beach.

Clump Point and its surrounds  is mapped as  an  Area of  High Ecological Significance  adjoining a Habitat Protection Marine Park Zone.  It is acknowledged  that the  headland does not have any capacity for development expansion.  The current rock wall sheltering the existing boat ramp has already had permanent adverse impact on the headland by being placed directly through a high biodiversity fringing coral reef.

Please email Minister Lynham

We have been told the Hon Dr Anthony Lynham Minister for State Development wants to hear from the Mission Beach community.  We believe the future of Mission Beach, a tourist destination where two World Heritage Areas meet is just as much of concern to the national and international community.

This is the last chance to have input via the RG to let the minister know you will support practical and environmentally sustainable solutions to service the recreational, and local commercial boat needs (consistent with recreational use);  and only development that has no adverse impact on Clump Point and its surrounds.

More information here including photos of the fringing coral reef at Clump Point

Here is CCA's considered position based on the information and outcomes of the Reference Group meetings to date. We have made it easy for you to EMAIL MINISTER LYNHAM HERE 

We can't thank you enough for taking the time to help.