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Helen Berberian

Mar 19, 2016 — This expresses my gratitude to all those who are devoting their valuable time to advocate for this precious child. Every child under our department's supervision deserves our highest attention and a primary focus upon their best interests for safety, permanency and well-being. Since I am not in direct authority over Lexi's case, as soon as I was alerted to the unfolding actions, I took immediate steps to notify DCFS Director Philip L. Browning and Deputy Director Maryam Fatemi. I've also directly communicated with Director Browning this morning (Saturday, March 19, 2016) as a result of which Director Browning instructed me to refer all communications regarding Lexi via this petition to him, which I will continue to do. Mr. Browning will take every step necessary to examine each of the concerns you are outlining in your individual petitions.

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