Bring Lexi Home

I was the foster social worker on this case for 3.5yrs and I can speak of the deceptive, crooked, and destructive things the ICWA social workers and lawyers have done that are NOT in the best interest of this child or her future. I can also speak of the amazing Page family and how they have loved on Lexi from day one and how much Lexi is truly a part of their family. They took a scared 2 year old who didn't know a parent from a stranger and helped form this beautiful, silly, confident, loving, stable little 6yr old by the love and nurture they provided for her in their home the last 4.5yrs. Lexi is also very much a part of her community, school, and church. DCFS cares only about their agenda of winning with a law that is outdated and wrong!

Lauren Axline, Valencia, CA, United States
6 years ago
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