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Keep LEGAL immigrants and job creators in the United States! Help save "Eat more Produce"!

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When Troy and I came to the United States 5 years ago, we were excited to expand our wholesale produce business. We started the business in Canada and knew that expansion into the United States was the next step. 

After we moved to Florida, we realized, how expensive produce is for the general public and saw the opportunity to start a retail farm market. Our goal is to keep prices low and encourage people to eat healthier, while staying on budget. 

We fell in love with our Florida community and we now have 17 employees who rely on our business. I guess you could say that we are the elusive "job creators" everybody has been looking for the past few years in this country. 

But this month, our business and our family was dealt a huge blow. Troy's application to become a Legal Permanent Resident here in the country we love was denied. My husband is now facing a legal battle to stay in the community where we have invested so much of our lives and love. We came here legally, on visas, and were careful to do everything by the book -- each step of the way we filed proper paperwork, double and triple checked our taxes and made sure we were up to date on everything we need to keep our visas current. And it wasn't enough. 

In Washington, DC Congress and President Obama have talked about fixing our broken immigration system, but families like mine still face separation. Not only do Troy and I have two young kids -- 9 and 6 -- who are depending on us, but we have employees who rely on us too! If Troy is forced to leave, our entire family must go with him our business will fail. That will be another 17 jobs lost. 

Our own Senator, Marco Rubio, has talked about the need to fix our broken immigration system. I'm asking that he, Governor Nelson and USCIS start by keeping a loving father, husband and local job creator here in the United States. 

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