NZTA Please install KEEP LEFT UNLESS PASSING signs on the motorway!

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Are you frustrated with congestion on New Zealand roads? 

Ever been stuck behind two idiotic clowns sat next to each other traveling at 80km/h for the entire length of a dual carriage way? 

or had a driver come onto the motorway infront of you and cut across three lanes of traffic causing drivers in all three lanes to jam on the anchors??

Hundreds of Thousands of road users travel on our Motorway network every day and too many cause congestion without even realizing!!

We want: 

‘KEEP LEFT UNLESS PASSING’ signs installed on appropriate stretches of motorway 


‘MERGE INTO THE LEFT LANE ONLY’ signs installed at Every motorway onramp! 

but most importantly we want the Keep Left law enforced (and at $150 per infringement, issued for failing to keep left and/or impeding the flow of traffic, the police operation will be self funding and no tax payers money will be required) 


please also have a look at 

For any queries or suggestions you can contact Geoff on 09 444 4363 or contact me through the Motorway Community Facebook group