Petition Closed

This petition is to keep most of Laguna Beach open to fishing and spearfishing by creating a Marine Protected area that is a manageable size and shape for the fish and game wardens, does not cause large socio economic impacts and meets the minimum size guidelines set fourth by the scientific advisory team that created the guidelines for the south coast MLPA (Marine Life Protection Act)

Letter to
President James Kellogg and Members of the Fish and Game Commission
Dear President Kellogg and Members for the California Fish and Game Commission,

President James Kellogg and
Members of the Fish and Game Commission
c/o California Fish and Game Commission
1416 Ninth Street
P.O. Box 944209
Sacramento, CA 94244-2090

Support for a smaller MPA in Laguna Beach

I am writing to support a smaller marine reserve in Laguna Beach that will protect the marine habitat in Laguna Beach and also protect the businesses that depend on fishing in that area as well.

The proposed MPA in the current IPA for Laguna Beach is a shape that will be impossible to properly manage and will cause a significant draw on the resources of the Fish and Game enforcement officials in that area. Please adopt a modified proposal to the IPA with a Northern boundary beginning at Abalone point and a Southern boundary at Cress street. This would create a closure area with definitive boundary lines which would allow enforcement officials to know if an individual is within an MPA boundary.