Keep Krystal Lee Kenney in prison

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As we all know, the monster, Patrick Frazee, murdered beautiful soul Kelsey Berreth. He had help in the equally depraved "person" known as Krystal Lee Kenney. Now, Krystal KNEW Patrick Frazee intended to kill Kelsey and did NOTHING to stop it, nothing. Then, she helped him cover it up forcing Colorado Law Enforcement, in conjunction with Idaho Law Enforcement, to carry on a protracted and very expensive investigation trying to find Kelsey. The worst part of it was for Kelsey's family, including a toddler, not knowing where she was, or what happened to her for months. It was, and I'm sure will always be, torturous for her family.


The State of Colorado was forced to "make a deal with the devil" in order to get the conviction that Patrick Frazee so richly deserved. That "deal" was with Krystal Lee Kenney. Although she deserved a life sentence just like Patrick Frazee, what she ultimately got was 3 (THREE!) years. She has now been imprisoned for 60 days. The State of Colorado is now referring her to a halfway house! How does that even happen? And more importantly, how can we stop it?


This is my effort..please sign this petition and share to the world. There is so much happening in our world today with the Covid-19 pandemic..but this needs our attention as well so that it doesn't get pushed through and catch us unaware.

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