Keep kids safe from Woolworths Trucks

Keep kids safe from Woolworths Trucks

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Please answer our call for action by signing this petition to protect the children of Elsternwick and beyond.

The health and safety of children is a concern for us regarding the planned Woolworths supermarket with the loading dock in Sinclair Street, Elsternwick. It is diagonally opposite a  primary school and kindergarten with a school crossing nearby. 



  • There is emerging evidence that air pollution impacts children's development, their neurological system and can even affect unborn babies.
  • Childhood exposure to diesel pollution can predispose children to new-onset Asthma.
  • The carcinogenic fumes from the trucks and 6,000 additional cars visiting the supermarket every day causing harm to children's health and development
  • Carcinogenic diesel fumes sitting in the playground can persist for 3-4 days.
  • Maternal exposure to diesel fumes can adversely affect birth outcomes and impacts on children’s respiratory systems, immune status, brain development and cardio metabolic health.
  • 100s of 14.7 meter long woolworths truck movements that cross onto to the wrong side of the road (when entering and leaving the loading dock) that will be so close to the young children attending the primary school.
  • Children put themselves at risk when crossing the road throughout the day to visit their place of Assembly inside the Woolworths development.


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Woolworths are planning to build a major supermarket fronting Selwyn and Sinclair Streets Elsternwick. The loading dock in Sinclair Street is directly next to heritage homes and diagonally opposite a primary school and kindergarten with a school crossing nearby.

School children from the nearby school will be playing roulette as they dodge 14.7-meter Woolworths trucks (see video) and 6,000 additional cars visiting the supermarket per day, while at the same time breathing in carcinogenic toxic diesel fumes which impact our most vulnerable in the community (children and the elderly).  A recent report of the Victorian Government inquiry into the health impacts of air pollution found that placement of sensitive facilities such as schools and childcare centres in high traffic areas represent a risk to both the short-and long-term health outcomes for children, the elderly and can even affect unborn babies. 

  • Diesel PM 2.5 ( Particulate Matter) is now classified as a Class One carcinogen
  • The Medical Journal of Australia says there is no safe threshold for exposure to PM 2.5
  • Childhood exposure to diesel pollution can predispose individuals to new-onset ASTHMA
  • There is emerging evidence that air pollution impacts children’s neurological system and development
  • Even if the trucks dock outside the school times the fine particles from Diesel PM 2.5 matter from their emissions will settle on the school grounds
  • Even short-term exposure to PM 2.5 can be harmful
    PM 2.5 (small particles) can stay in the air for days or weeks
  • Maternal exposure to fine and ultrafine PM 2.5 directly and indirectly yields numerous adverse birth outcomes and impacts on children’s respiratory systems, immune status, brain development and cardiometabolic health

The Glen Eira City Council has twice rejected this proposal and it has also been rejected at VCAT (the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal).  Now, at a secret meeting, the Council has supported the amended proposal for this development.  They are not protecting the children or the community.  This means the Council is supporting hundreds of heavy truck movements into and out of the loading dock each week, during school hours and other times.  The considerable number of trucks and the 6,000 additional cars per day will emit poisonous PM 2.5 fumes and particles that will be breathed in by young children and residents.  If the loading dock is full, the trucks will circle the block exposing theatre-goers and outdoor diners to carcinogenic fumes and physical danger. In addition, thousands of cars will clog the streets as they jostle to find parking in the already congested side streets.  Help stop this madness NOW. 

The physical presence of large trucks navigating residential side streets and entering and leaving a busy loading dock poses a particular direct physical threat to small children. The trucks have many blind spots and their size means they have to cross onto the wrong side of the road when turning, including exiting the loading dock. Kidsafe Victoria state: “Child pedestrians are at an increased risk of injury because unlike adults, they are less developed physically (e.g., children have underdeveloped peripheral vision until age 9), cognitively (e.g., children are not as well equipped to tell where sounds are coming from) and in terms of their traffic experience.” 

A residential side street with a school, kindergarten, and school crossing is no place for a busy supermarket loading dock where hundreds of heavy polluting truck movements will occur every week.  

By signing this petition, you will be sending a strong message to Woolworths and Glen Eira City Council that this new supermarket is completely unacceptable, and the application should be withdrawn.  The public will not stand for our children, elderly and the entire community being put in danger for the sake of Woolworths profit which in the financial year 2020/21 was $1.97 billion net profit.  Children’s safety should come first, not Woolworths profit.

We are members of the community, and we are up against a powerful and well-resourced company.  This petition aims to show the strong opposition which our community has to the detrimental effects of this Woolworths development. 

Please sign the petition before it is too late! 

A new VCAT hearing is due to commence on 23rd May 2022. Say NO before it is too late. 

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622 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!