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As a former student of the New Canaan Public School system (2012 graduate), I have had the true pleasure of receiving an education that has prepared me exceptionally well for college and the many challenges of living away from home. I consider myself blessed to have been provided countless opportunities both in and out of school to learn and grow surrounded by supportive family, friends and teachers.

Throughout my time in New Canaan as a heavily involved student leader, I also worked alongside students who utilized the services provided by Kids in Crisis and the TeenTalk Outreach Counselor at New Canaan High School. These students struggle every day with challenges that the rest of us are not faced with. The obstacles, whether they be difficulties at home or tackling troubles with family or friends, they arrive each day to overcome them in the hopes of learning something new, spending spare moments amongst friends, and in four years, graduating to move on to bigger and better things. I have witnessed the minor victories that the TeenTalk Outreach Counselor achieves every day that keeps these students in class, motivated to learn, to overcome their obstacles and achieve.

Yet despite the incredible successes of this program, the New Canaan Finance Board decided last week to cut funding for the TeenTalk Outreach Counselor by 50%, essentially forcing the program to close by September. While I fully support the need to be fiscally responsible, the school system, town government and New Canaan community have an obligation to help each and every student, regardless of their challenges, achieve and excel to their potentials. By cutting these programs, we have sent a message to these students that their problems are not our concern, that anything standing in the way of their ability to learn must be dealt with without our help or resources. In a time when the mental health of every child should be paramount, these cuts signal that out priorities do not lie with the well-being of our students. If the atrocities of recent violence in schools, including events so close to home, has not demonstrated the importance of providing these services, then it is time to reevaluate the education system in our country.

Please sign this petition to tell the New Canaan School Board, Finance Board, and community officials that we are not willing to leave a single student behind. Tell these officials that we cannot afford to cut the funding for these essential programs!

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