Protect Army healthcare: Keep Keller Hospital, West Point NY, resourced to deliver babies!

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 Problem: Without sufficient resources, Keller Army Community Hospital at the United States Military Academy (West Point, NY) ceased delivering babies on May 28th, 2018 for an indefinite period of time.

 The solution: We ask that the US ARMY in conjunction with Keller Army Hospital ensure adequate resourcing is provided to the hospital in a timely manner. #ResourceKellerOB

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 1.        The cessation of newborn delivery services is contrary to Keller Army Community Hospital’s mission statement:  “Keller Army Community Hospital provides high quality, patient-centered care with a focus on health and wellness to improve readiness of the Force and enhance the lives of all beneficiaries.”

 2.       The cessation of baby delivery services may in fact degrade the readiness of the force charged with leading, educating, and inspiring the USMA corps of Cadets. Active duty personnel such as TACs or instructors will have to allocate additional time away from cadets in order to travel to and attend all prenatal appointments and the actual delivery of children. The obstetrics unit based in Keller has provided effective and efficient care while also being at the optimum location to support active duty based here.

 3.       Due to the Operational demands of the force, many families utilize their time at West Point to start and to continue to grow their families.  The lack of adequate delivery services for this indefinite period may impact the decision of families to come to West Point.

4.       Keller Army Community Hospital has staff and facilities dedicated to the delivery of newborns.  The shortage of a position should not mandate an immediate cessation of services.  Instead, maximum effort should be allocated to ensuring that KACH is adequately resourced.

5.       West Point prides itself in forging a perseverant mindset within its staff, faculty, and cadets.  This should apply to all efforts including the issue currently being discussed.

6.        Expecting mothers based at West Point will have to establish prenatal care and plans to deliver their baby at off post facilities. This may cause additional stress and impacts on the pregnant woman (active duty or spouse of) and their family. 

7.        Due to the geographical nature of the Academy and the absence of many 'extended' family members, the community is highly reliant on one another for support. This will become more difficult to navigate as services are moved off post.

8.       Being America's oldest post, the surrounding terrain is difficult to navigate. the Academy is surrounded by Storm King mountains and by the Hudson River and more mountains. Asking pregnant women to navigate these conditions particularly in adverse weather conditions is far from ideal and in some situations may not be safe to do so.


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