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Every day, fathers and mothers are separated from their loving families, communities, and churches. Jose Luis Diaz-Godoy is one of those unfortunated separations. Jose Luis Diaz-Godoy (A#077461111) is an honest and hard-working father of three Katherine Diaz (4), Brian Diaz (8), Jose Miguel Diaz (20) and his wife Maricela Espinal (34).


On April 18th, Mr. Diaz-Godoy, along with four others, was detained outside of his house in an immigration raid. Separating him from his wife and children and leaving only one provider for three children. His whole family needs him back into their lives.
Please help us reunite him with his only family here, in the only country he calls home.

Letter to
Secretary of DHS Janet Napolitano
Field Office Director of ICE Marc J. Moore
Assistant Field Office Director of ICE Ramon Bado
STOP! The Deportation of Mr. Jose Luis Diaz-Godoy a loving father. Please helps us Reunite him with his Family.

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