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Keep Island Park/Targhee Pass FREE of tall wildlife fences and massive overpasses

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We must stop this statewide effort, it begins at Targhee Pass in Island Park Idaho.

Our highways are the lifeline of rural states and people; they will become the arteries of restricted and connected large landscapes.  This is the vision of networked NGOs who are partnered with key state agencies in Idaho who have planned this design and are seeking to implement it. 

Along the US Highway 20 travel corridor, an ITD commissioned study recommends 14-17 wildlife over and/or underpasses to be built (30 miles of highway).  Beginning at the first phase, 3 are to be built within a 5 mile section of highway, at Targhee Pass on the Idaho/Montana state line.  Targhee Pass, as it has been historically known, will be no more.

The rest of the suggested structures, after the precedent is set at Targhee Pass, are to be built in future phases within the next 7-10 years (depending on available funding), traveling southward back to the top of the Ashton Hill, effectively impacting all of the Idaho Targhee National Forest.

Multiple wildlife overpasses over the highway, will connect back to Yellowstone and forward toward Red Rocks, The Centennial Mountains on to Central Idaho to the west and southwest toward the central/southern Idaho desert land through designated multi-species vital habitat and migratory 'corridors'.  The large landscape design is expansive.  Miles and miles of tall hazing fencing will be required with each overpass structure, impacting all homes and businesses nestled in beautiful Island Park. 

Just some of the impacts for you to consider are: the livability environment will be forever changed, access and multiple use will be restricted, recreational uses restricted, hunting and fishing privileges and allowed areas will be restricted, view capes and open spaces will be ruined, wildlife will be artificially herded, multiple species will be bottle-necked to a choke-point-predator and prey.  Property values will decrease, people in their homes will live behind fences, free and pristine Island Park will become a fenced in and artificial place with wildlife crossings and multiple-species 'corridors' connecting to them.

Now imagine that same scenario at selected locations across our state.

This design will not just impact Island Park, this is the statewide plan that begins here.  This proposal extends to all of the other Idaho counties and areas where people and wildlife cohabitate.  Our entire state has been inventoried and wildlife crossings have been suggested for strategic points on every roadway.  The Yellowstone to Yukon partner network goals will impact more than 1/2 of the State of Idaho if achieved.  The community of Island Park and Fremont County are the staging point; the rest of the state will follow if this precedent is accepted into the ITD IPlan and IDFG wildlife action plans. 

Please add your name to this petition to help us stop this statewide effort.  It begins at Targhee Pass.  We have identified an online library with a lot of source information about this vital issue.

You are encouraged to become informed.

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