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Keep Isaac Rodriguez in Prison ! No parole for pedophiles!

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This is important to all survivors and victims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.


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Stop the parole of inmate Isaac Rodriguez (TDCJ #01056110) IN 08-14-2013


  My name is Stephanie Rodriguez and I was abused physically, sexually and emotionally  by my bio father Isaac Rodriguez. I ran away with a family member and told my story to the police. I was not believed and was placed with a family member.  I eventually was placed in child protective custody. My "run away partner "went back home with the rest of my family. I was the only one placed in C.P.S.  I was already in CPS custody for a number of years when i got the news that Isaac Rodriguez was charged with sexual abusing his girlfriends daughter. I was then reliving my nightmare by being recorded  telling my story so that I could help put him away. Isaac Rodriguez denies everything. He was charged and sentenced to 24 years in 2001. He will be up for parole just 12 years into his sentence. This is not enough.08-14-13 is his eligible parole date. I plead with the parole board to please go over his record of domestic violence and all records of physical abuse toward his family and others. I lived it until the day i ran away and broke the silence. I was there when he beat my mother and put her in the hospital a number of times.  I  was not the only one abused but i will be the one to tell the truth and speak up. My goal is to keep him in prison for as long as possible. Isaac Rodriguez  inmate # 01056110 is a sick perverted liar who will not admit to his crimes against women and children. Please keep pedophiles in jail. I truly feel he will re offend. Once i was removed from the home and placed in CPS he went to the next victim, his girlfriend daughter. 

 Please keep inmate # 01056110 Isaac Rodriguez  in jail for the crimes he has committed. 




Sincerely, Stephanie Rodriguez


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