Petition Update

An update on the revised report - school board meeting this week!

Laura Morgan
Chapel Hill, NC

May 14, 2012 — We promise this is the only email we will send! If you would like to join our google groups list-serv for additional updates, please send an email to

Late last week, the district released its final recommendation on how to deal with dual language moving forward. While it acknowledges that there is a lot of opposition to creating a dual language magnet school at FPG, the final report continues to recommend FPG as the location for the dual language magnet school. This despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of community members surveyed do not support this move and despite the fact that other, much better alternatives exist and have been laid out to them!

The School Board will review this report at their meeting this Thurs, May 17 at Chapel Hill Town Hall. Please consider attending to show your support.
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