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Keep Don Callejon Middle enrollment equal chance to all in DC Middle attendance area

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We, parents of kids in George Mayne Elementary and parents of kids in Kathryn Hughes Elementary who have Don Callejon Middle as their designated Middle school as per current school district boundaries, heard recently that the SCUSD board has added the following item to their meeting agenda: "Discussion On Overloading of Don Callejon, K-8 Students When Enrollment Has Exceeded Its Space". We heard that this is based on a request which requests "alternatives that guarantee enrollment of Don Callejon School Kindergarten through Grade Five home school students into Don Callejon Middle School"

If the board changes enrollment policy to guarantee enrollment for DC K-5 home school students into DC middle, it would make it almost impossible for our kids to get enrollment in Don Callejon Middle because our kids (100-200 kids) would then have to compete for a very few (ten or twenty) open seats! This would be extremely dis-advantageous to us. We are geographically located at the northern tip of the SCUSD, and Don Callejon is geographically the closest middle school for this community. Such a guarantee as requested will triple or quadruple the driving distance for drop-offs and pick-ups for our kids. A quadruple distance would translate to a driving time more than that multiple in current traffic conditions! This affects hundred to two hundred kids! This will lead to 

  • Reduced study time & homework time
  • More unsupervised time for these kids in school bus and waiting for school bus - leading to possibilities for misbehavior and bullying 
  • Difficulty to attend after school programs and after school sports activities due to time lost in commute. Some of these activities start in the evening after a break, and the kids are expected to go home and return for this activity! Parents would have to drive the kids for a far distance a second time the same day! These kids would end up skipping these good things in life!
  • In short, they will miss all the advantages of a home school!

We have made a major choice of our life - for our kids - buying our homes in this area with Don Callejon Middle School in mind. We look forward eagerly towards our children attending a great school like Don Callejon. 

Our request is simple: Please do not change current enrollment policy! Please keep it as today - giving our kids an equal opportunity to attend this public school that currently is the closest middle school for us! 

We love public schools - please do not make it a far reach for us! Please keep rights to public school fair for us!

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