Keep Elsa Strong and Independent!

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We are writing to you today to express our strong concerns over the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, which some people on social media are using to request Disney to make Elsa a lesbian in the Frozen sequel.

Elsa’s struggles to accept herself and her ice magic serves as a metaphor to anyone who is different, and the beauty of this metaphor is that anyone can relate to it since no one in real life has ice magic. Making Elsa a lesbian would take all of this away from those of us who relate to the character for other reasons.

One of the reasons why many people love Frozen so much is because it was about family love rather than romantic love. It was sisterly love that saved both sisters, not romantic love. Elsa remained single, yet she had her sister and was happy with her life. She showed that family is most important, and that life is not about romance. She showed the world that it is OK to be single and that you do not need romance to be happy. Giving Elsa a girlfriend or a boyfriend would ruin this powerful message and promote the myth that single people are miserable.

Elsa is a role model of a strong independent woman who learns to accept herself and cares about her family. Giving Elsa a girlfriend or a boyfriend in the sequel would ruin these aspects of the character that we love so much. Disney, please do not give Elsa a girlfriend or a boyfriend; please keep her the strong independent woman that she is. Thank you.

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