Keep Downtown Green Bay GREEN & GOLD

Keep Downtown Green Bay GREEN & GOLD

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Why this petition matters

Started by Elliot Christenson

The bridges in downtown Green Bay have been outfitted with multicolor light capabilities. The city government staff has chosen when and how these lights will change. We are looking for some simple exceptions to when and what they choose in regards to Green Bay Packers home and away games.

As the Green Bay Packers move into the playoffs in 2022, we want to prove beyond any doubt that our community backs our team. We’ve done this in the past:

  • Stadium District Sales Tax
  • Numerous Packers Stock Offerings
  • Countless other large and small showings of support

To this we simply want to add: lighting of all downtown bridges in Packers GREEN & GOLD!

The team and our community have deep roots, and it is essential that we support ONLY the Green Bay Packers colors in this way and specifically not other NFL opponents.

Utilizing the bridge colors to honor our military service people, public holidays, or other great causes should be applauded: during the other 300+ calendar days of the year where there is no Green Bay Packers game.

By signing this petition, you are showing your support of our community and our team as well as reinforcing our community priorities to the Mayor and Common Council of Green Bay.

Note: There are several questions that have been brought up over the past few months regarding this issue. I’d like to quickly address them here

  • Q: I don't live in Green Bay. I can't sign, right?

    A: YES YOU CAN AND SHOULD SIGN! The naysayers are telling us that outside "tourists" want and expect Green Bay to be a rainbow village instead of a Green and Gold city!
  • Q: Green Bay isn’t only made up of people who support the Packers. There are transplants from Chicago, Minnesota, and elsewhere who want to support their “home” teams!

    A: This is simply a way to show support for Green Bay’s LOCAL team. Fans of other teams are free to put up displays of their fandom in their own way on their own property - just as transplanted Packer fans in faraway lands would be likewise allowed!

  • Q: Who cares? Doesn’t the city have better things to worry about?

    A: Yes. Yes, they do. However, they decided to light up some of our  downtown bridges in the colors of Green Bay Packers opponents. Now it becomes a matter of public debate and discussion.

  • Q: Tourism! Turning on purple lights will make people come from Minnesota and spend extra money in our downtown! PROFIT!

    A: The overwhelming number of fans at Lambeau Field are wearing Green and Gold every week. Fans come from all around the world to see Green and Gold here. This is no different than any other sports experience across the world.

  • Q: What’s the big deal? I didn’t even know this was happening!

    A: Another great point. You’d probably notice if all the bridges were beautifully lit in spectacular GREEN & GOLD!
71 have signed. Let’s get to 100!