Keep doggy play (day) care @ Loyal Companion stores!

Keep doggy play (day) care @ Loyal Companion stores!

September 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Leila Williams

IMPORTANT! - Loyal Companion have announced they will no longer be offering daycare services at their stores from September 30th 2022.

With few options, Loyal Companion Daycares have been a trusted, reputable, and convenient place to send our dogs for enrichment, exercise, socialization, fun and training.
This is especially important as most jobs are now back to pre-covid times and we’re no longer able to work from home or have a flexible/hybrid schedule with our dogs as we’d previously been able to. As important members of our families, we care about the physical and mental well-being of our dogs and Loyal Companion playcare has been a vital part of maintaining their happiness and good health.

Our local Loyal Companion Play(day)care attendants and managers have also become like family to all of us and our doggos get so excited each time they know they’re on their way in for a session of fun. Knowing their excitement to attend makes us feel good too, and relieved of any potential worries that they’d be neglected or bored when left home alone.

Please show your support and sign the petition so that we can convince Loyal Companion that Doggie Play(day)care is a love and vital service and to keep them open at all of their current locations!

Thank you,

Preston’s Mum

(Yes, I probably am THAT Dog Mom)

Disclaimer: this is not endorsed, supported or affiliated with Loyal Companion stores or employees. 

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Signatures: 85Next Goal: 100
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