Save Craven Road

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In 1899, a narrow dirt laneway called Erie Terrace was created in the city of Toronto. In 1923, it was renamed as Craven Road. Here on Craven, you’ll find Toronto’s largest collection of small homes under 500 square feet in the city. You’ll also find the city’s longest wooden fence on this one-sided street. But what you’ll find most of all is a tight-knit community of relaxed, peaceful living that is unparalleled across the city, and in fact, a rarity anywhere.  

Sure, there are a number of tall houses to date. But it’s that diversity and personality of tall and small that continues to make Craven the community it’s always been today. And maintaining that unique heart and soul is what we need your help with today. 

A proposal has been made for variances to amend 291 Craven Road into three cookie cutter multiple story dwellings that exceed density, height and landscaping bylaws by ~10%. (See in full here Separately these variances may appear minor, but cumulatively they fundamentally alter the character of the neighbourhood.

Requested is a floor space index variance from 0.6 to 1.7. The units will exceed building height bylaws by 10%. The proposed front softscape of 10% lower than regulation adds to increased sidewalk congestion and limits overall breathing room. These are just a few of the many more variances requested.

But most of all, and most impactful, is that these builds are identical, marring a neighbourhood that is marked by the individualism and diversity of houses, each being different. These proposed builds stand the same and are not in keeping with this heritage Leslieville street. 

Please join friends of Craven this Thursday, September 20 at 3:30pm sharp at City Hall, Committee Room 2, Second Floor, 100 Queen West, to join our voices in opposition to the proposed zoning variances for 291 Craven Road and find compromise that reflects the heritage of the community. 

If you’d like to head together, need more info or can contribute experience, expertise or resources to help keep Craven the neighbourhood we know and love please reach out to:

Together we can do it!