Don't sell community land on Main Road, Eltham to developers.

Don't sell community land on Main Road, Eltham to developers.

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We came together and saved 14 out of 17 community reserves our local Council proposed to sell earlier this year.

Now the Nillumbik Shire Council is at it again with a proposal to redevelop 1 hectare of community land at 895 and 903-907 Main Road, Eltham.

Sign this petition if you want to keep this land in community hands.


We call on the Nillumbik Shire Council:

o  To preserve the Eltham War Memorial building complex at 903-907 Main Rd, Eltham, and retain their existing uses in accordance with the Eltham War Memorial Trust purpose; and retain the Cenotaph and Eltham Senior Citizens' Centre. 

o  To retain Council ownership of all land at 895 and 903-907 Main Rd, Eltham for our community and future generations

o  Following meaningful engagement with residents of the Shire, to place sufficient planning controls on the site of the former Eltham Shire Office to ensure that any future development of that land responds to Eltham's form and character and properly protects public amenity, access and use.

o  To make all proposals for the development of 895 and 903-907 Main Rd, Eltham available for public inspection as soon as they are received by Council.


895 Main Road, Eltham is between the library and the War Memorial and housed the offices of the former Shire of Eltham before they were demolished. The community acted to stop this site being used for a Shell service station and Hungry Jack's in the 1990s. If developers get their hands on this land again it could contain two 5 storey apartment blocks towering over our award winning library and heritage listed trestle bridge and Shillinglaw cottage, removing most of the existing mature trees in the process. Our much loved and valued tree canopy view along the Diamond Creek would be changed for ever.  

903-907 Main Road, Eltham is our War Memorial Complex of buildings. Council has labelled them 'old and tired' and wants to demolish them. These buildings and site are home to the Eltham Pre-School which has been operating for 62 years, maternal child health services, food share, the World War 1 Cenotaph and Women's Memorial and more. These buildings were created as a living World War 2 memorial 'for the Little Ones for Whom They Fought and Died' by the Eltham community, who fundraised specifically for this purpose. The Eltham Senior Citizens Hall is also on this site and is used daily for various activities.