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There is no excuse for a School Bus to run a Stop sign. They should obey traffic laws or be held accountable. We have 4 months worth of video of School Buses running our Stop Signs ( Our local officials are pointing their fingers at others and not taking any initiative. Something needs to change before children are hurt.

By signing this petition, you are helping send a message to our officials. We are telling them that complacency and pointing fingers in other directions does nothing when there is a problem. We are demanding that our Bus Company be fired if they continue to break traffic laws. We are also asking for several other changes in our small community and on our roadways.

You do not need to live in our community to show your concern. We need everyone's support.

(How it Started - What we are asking for)

 In Sarasota, Florida, since early January 2011, residents have been video taping School busses recklessly running 'Stop' signs with middle-school children on board. More than four months of emails and video on YouTube and have done nothing to stop the dangerous behavior even when we pleaded with the Sheriff and County Comissioners to do something - anything.

Several emails to our Commissioner Nora Patterson have done nothing. A deputy "watching" the intersection at the time we told them the buses ran the intersection, missed a bus with several small children on board running the 'stop sign. We immediately showed him security camera video of what he "missed."

There are more teenagers that die in Florida from traffic related accidents than anywhere else in the country. We need the School buses and County officials to lead by example rather than teaching our children the reckless behavior we see them doing every day on our roads.

We are sending the following demands to our County Commissioner, County School Board, Senators, Sheriff, Congressman, and President Obama. One deals with firing the Sarasota County School Bus company if another bus runs a Stop sign or breaks a traffic law. It is a start that we hope will progress into other communities. It will make each driver accountable for eachothers reckless behavior.

The other two are to help us with fixing our road and community in an effort make it safer for all.

We have several hundred hand written signatures, but we need your help.


 We, the undersigned, call on Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, Representative Vern Buchanan, and Commissioner Nora Patterson to call both the Bus company and Sarasota County School Board to formerly request School busses to Stop at Stop signs in Sarasota County.

Several complaints have been made by residents along South Lockwood Ridge Road and Ashton Road to both the School Board as well as the County Contracted Bus Company with regard to School Busses running through the Stop signs at the intersection of South Lockwood Ridge Road and Ashton Road with no results. As seen on for three months, School Busses continue to run the Stop signs at the intersection.



We are formally requesting the County to rescind their contract with the bus company if another School Bus runs a Stop sign in Sarastoa County.

***************************Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, Representative Vern Buchanan, and Commissioner Nora Patterson ****************************************


 We, the undersigned, call on Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, Representative Vern Buchanan, and Commissioner Nora Patterson to cease the planning and development, under the Capital Improvement project or any other county development plans, of the corner lot in the center of our neighborhood (parcel num 0088-02-00031 - Corner of Ashton Road and South Lockwood Ridge Road).


There is no need to place a county utility, or one for metering sewage from miles away in the middle of our neighborhood when there is plenty of county owned land a short distance down both South Lockwood Ridge Road and Ashton Road that would be out of site. Aside, Sarasota County has failed to maintain the property resulting in a build up of trash and debris over the course of a year which resulted in Code enforcement Case # 11111079.


 ***************************Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, Representative Vern Buchanan, and Commissioner Nora Patterson ****************************************


We, the undersigned, call on Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, Representative Vern Buchanan, and Commissioner Nora Patterson to change the designation of South Lockwood Ridge Road in the Comprehensive Plan (North of Clark Road (Hwy 72) and South of where it dead-ends at Red Bug Slough Park) from a "Major Collector" road to a "neighborhood" road. South Lockwood Ridge Road has no outlet aside from two neighborhood roads, Gypse and Ashton. The current designation sends thousands of cars and tractor trailers into the dead-end road with only two small neighborhood roads as outlets


Letter to
School Board Frank Kovach
President of the United States
Florida State Senate
and 16 others
Florida State House
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
Governor Richard Scott
Representative C W Young
Commissioner Christine Robinson
School Board Carol Todd
Commissioner Joe Barbetta
Commissioner Jon Thaxton
Sheriff Sheriff Tom Knight
Commissioner Nora Patterson
School Board Jane Goodwin
School Board Shirley Brown
School Board Caroline Zucker
Commissioner Carolyn Mason
Florida Governor
We are trying to take back our neighborhood and make it safe for everyone that travels our roads.We are also asking for Sarasota County to stop plans for the development of parcel number 0088-02-00031. We are demanding that School Buses obey the laws or have their contract with Sarasota County terminated.

For several months, we have pleaded with Sarasota County to help with our roads that are being utilized as a major cut through to two slower arterial routes. Evidence of what is happening can be seen on People are running our Stop signs by the hundreds every day. There are several small children at the intersection of S Lockwood Ridge Road and Ashton road in Sarasota Florida as well as a paraplegic man who was injured in a car accident 20 years ago.

For 20 years, this neighborhood has gone thru normal chanels of requesting help and changes (ie: County Traffic Advisory Committee and Sheriff's department), but little to nothing was done. We have asked our County Commission to take some initiative several months ago as some of the problem was coming from the local schools like 'Riverview HS, but we lost 4 more teenagers since our concern wasn't important enough. Those teens may have been here today if Sarasota County would have listened to our complaints of the hundreds of teens from the same school running our Stop signs and speeding on our roads. Some initiative could have been taken but wasn't.

We wrote and called the School Board and Bus Company in Sarasota County to ask for the Buses to Stop and slow down, but we were literaly laughed at.

Please help us take back our neighborhoods and make them safer for everyone. We are requesting the following:

-Make School Buses 'Stop at all Stop signs or fire the Bus Company serving Sarasota County.

-Change Lockwood Ridge Road (North Of Clark road and South of Proctor) to a "Neighborhood Road" in the Comprehensive Plan

-Stop any and all plans for development on parcel num 0088-02-00031 on the corner of Lockwood Ridge Road and Ashton Road. It is NOT right to destroy a corner residential neighborhood lot with a sewage plan that has nothing to do with the neighborhood. It will destroy another neighborhood as Sarasota County has already failed to maintain it. There are plenty of alternatives all over the neighborhood and county that should be considered before destroying a center lot in a neighborhood.