Keep Charles Manson Cult Serial Killer Charles "Tex" Watson From Getting Parole

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ANOTHER Charles Manson cult killer coming up for parole in December!

Thank you so much for your previous support! ANOTHER Charles Manson cult-killer, Patricia Krenwinkel, is coming up for parole December 29, 2016! I am asking if you could please take a quick moment to visit & click on Patricia's photo to read my new petition & sign it if you would like to prevent her from being released. We have VERY limited time to submit this (only a few weeks)- so if you could read, sign, & SHARE this petition- it would be so helpful & appreciated. Thank You Again for Your Support- Ms. Debra Tate (Sister of Sharon Tate) Twitter- @debra_tate9 Facebook- @TFLegacy- (for continuous updates)

Debra Tate
6 years ago