Keep Charles Manson Cult Killer Bruce Davis From Getting Parole

Keep Charles Manson Cult Killer Bruce Davis From Getting Parole

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Bruce McGregor Davis (CDC# B-41079), Charles Manson's true right-hand man, will have his next parole hearing on December 30, 2020.  Please sign & SHARE this petition to let the parole board & Governor Newsom know that you do not want this dangerous murderer set free.

Bruce Davis was convicted of the murders of both Gary Hinman & Donald "Shorty" Shea. In July, 1969, Bruce Davis drove Charles Manson to Gary Hinman's house where they held him up at gunpoint- demanding money, as well as his cars (using a gun Bruce Davis bought with a fake I.D- which shows Bruce' Davis' intent to participate in these Manson murders & not have his name connected to them). Charles Manson then sliced Mr. Hinman with a sword, cutting his face and his ear in half. 

After 3 days of torture, Gary Hinman was eventually stabbed to death and suffocated with a pillow by other members of the "Manson Family" cult.  Bruce Davis then personally stabbed Donald "Shorty Shea" in mid-August, 1969 near Spahn Ranch where the cult lived, as he was being murdered by several individuals.  Donald Shea's skeletal remains were not found until December 1977- without any help from Bruce Davis to locate the body (despite his claims of being a Born Again Christian)!

This inmate has claimed to be a Christian since the mid-1970's & to be completely rehabilitated, yet NEVER helped the police, nor his victim Donald Shea's family, locate Donald's body.  He diminishes his responsibility still in the murders by stating he committed them to please Charles Manson, placing blame on Manson- rather than taking full responsibility for his own actions and evil choices.  He claims to this day he only cut Donald Shea once on his shoulder (which would not be a fatal wound).  He waited until 2010 to ever mention Manson "family" member Bill Vance being at the scene of the murder of Donald Shea.  He waited from 1969 until his 2012 parole hearing to ever admit he pointed a gun at Gary Hinman while Charles Manson slashed Mr. Hinman in the ear and face.

In addition to these two murders, (just 3 months after the Tate/LaBianca Manson murders)- he was found by police in the bedroom of John Phillip Haught who died of a gunshot wound to the head.  Bruce Davis said Mr. Haught died playing Russian Roulette - BUT THE GUN WAS FULLY LOADED AND HAD NO FINGERPRINTS ON IT- not even the victim's!  Bruce Davis then went to London in December 1969 where his fellow Manson cult member Sandra Good's ex-husband Joel Pugh was found with his wrists & throat slashed, as well as a bruise on his forehead- with writing in blood on a mirror- similar to the Hinman/Tate/LaBianca murders.  In 4 MONTHS, (after the two murders that he admits to)- Bruce Davis had direct connections to people either brutally murdered or who were killed under highly suspicious circumstances, yet he was never charged in these deaths.

When his December 30, 2020 hearing is approaching, you may also e-mail or write a letter to the parole board.  Please include Bruce Davis' name, CDC# B-41079, parole hearing date-December 30, 2020, & state why you feel he should stay in prison by contacting the parole board here:


or mail to:
Board of Parole Hearings
P.O. Box 4036
Sacramento, CA 95812-4036
Re: Bruce M. Davis (CDC# B-41079)- December 30, 2020 parole hearing

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