Keep Charles Manson Cult Killer Bruce Davis From Getting Parole

Thank you Governor Newsom for blocking the parole of the lying monster. No only did he murder the four people named above: Hinman, Shea, Haught and Pugh. He also murdered several male hitch-hikers who came to their commune - Manson wanted their females, not the men who were with them. Where are all the bodies Bruce? ALSO to the females that were at the commune who were told their boyfriends `left` them there: They were KILLED and their bodies thrown down mine shafts! Please go to the police and report them missing. You are not in trouble. Bruce needs to be held responsible for this and NEVER allowed out. Maybe you can stop him from applying for parole all the time. This is crazy and expensive. He actually murdered more people that Tex Watson! (By the way: Bruce Davis was NOT present at the Tate-La Bianca murders!)

Judith Larsen, Søreidgrend, Norway
3 months ago
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