Keep Centenary University's Commencement Ceremony on the Front Lawn of Seay

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It has come to my attention that the commencement location has been moved from the front lawn of Seay to the incredibly less desirable Anderson field. Speaking on behalf of my close friends, we insist it be reversed immediately for the following reasons:

1) The front lawn of Seay is absolutely beautiful.  Every time one of us walks across the lawn, we are reminded of our biggest accomplishment to date: graduation.  To be frank, Anderson field is a total eyesore.  Our biggest advertisement of campus is the landscape of the front of campus and it is a constant reminder of our most coveted day.

2) For as long as any of us students can remember, the commencement ceremony has taken place on the front lawn of Seay.  In our student culture, it has become tradition for us. Many of us have watched our alumni friends walk across the stage on the lawn year after year and now it is our time to do the same.

3) There have been so many untimely changes to how this year's commencement will be structured and I think the least that the University can do is leave the location on the front lawn of Seay.