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keep budget cuts at SBCC away from core classes and vocational programs

We need better leadership that is focused on educating our students and providing opportunity with adequate core class offerings and strong vocational programs.

Summer school for SBCC was almost cancelled this year.  It is on the table for cuts this next year, together with a possible 50% reduction in Vocational programs and a reduction in class offerings.

SBCC has 117 fewer credit classes this fall than last fall, a drop to 1,982 sections from 2,099, per SBCC public information officer Joan Galvan.

The school had received 2,784 wait-list requests as of Aug. 27 and won’t be offering a winter session — a shorter session between the fall and spring semester

Please join in with a grassroots group of nonpartisan students and community members that hope to keep cuts as far from these programs and core classes as possible.

At a special board meeting  The newer trustees voted to to transfer  close to  half a million dollars (in addition to 7 million already into reserves) to support non credit enrichment adult ed classes.  At the same time there have been cuts made to programs and classes in the credit sections. By this action they have failed to honor the primary mission statement as a community college.

The newer members of the board of trustees that ran on a platform of transparency have failed to improve relationships between the community it serves and the college. The college was placed on accreditation warning due to actions that resulted in violations by  the newer trustee members who's terms will not be up until 2014.

We want the politics off the board and the "community"put back in our community college.

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